Multifunctional Power Meter for 3-Phase Systems. The A2000 multifunctional power meter measures all values for three-phase systems.

Main Features :

  • new: Data logger now with 250.000 entries
  • Connection with Kieback&Peter DDC3000 via SBM51/13
  • RS 232 and RS 485 interfaces included
  • Versions available for PROFIBUS, Modbus, LON and Ethernet
  • Adjustable voltage and current transformer ratios
  • A single device for 1 A and 5 A current transformers
  • 2 pulse outputs for read-out of active and reactive energy Data memory for continuous recording of measurement values, or for events recording – 8 years puffered
  • list of 98 available measuring quantities
  • Additional range of power supply 20 .. 27 VAC / 45 … 450 Hz and 20 … 36 VDC

For More Information, Please Visit : http://www.camillebauer.com/?mid=TWpNNE5EQT0

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