Automatic Filter : Type 6.18.2

The filter Type 6.18.2 is suitable for difficult operating conditions, e. g. for the filtration of river water, sea water or ballast water.The BOLLfILTER Automatic TYPE 6.18.2 impresses even under the most demanding conditions, due to its excellent precision and reliability. One of the main reasons for this is that it is equipped with specially stabilised duplex filter elements.

These are open at both ends allowing the water for filtration to flow through from each end. Due to their length and increased diameter, their filter surface area is especially large. The Hydrodynamic Element lo cated in the middle of the filter element results in additional increase in velocity, maximising the backflush effect.

The maximised backflush effect provided by the Hydrodynamic Element and alternating flushing function ensure trouble free operation and reduce the risk of Blocking

  • Application Medium: Water
  • Maximum Capacity : 9000 m3/hr
  • Nominal diameter: DN 200 – DN 1000
  • Filter element : Wedge wire candle with smooth surface and Hydrodynamic element
  • Grade of filtration : 30 µm – 5mm *
  • Backflushing medium : Internal medium
    Pressure stage PN 6 / PN 10 or PN 16 (higher pressure stages available on request)
    Filter housing carbon steel
    Carbon steel rubber lined
    Stainless steel
    Super Duplex
  • Features : Cylindrical elements open at both ends with hydrodynamic element – alternately backflushing with second flushing arm

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