Duplex Filter : Type 2.04.5

Application Medium : Water, Oil, Fuel

Maximum Capacity : Approx. 3000 m3/hr

The Duplex Filter 2.04.5 allows change-over during operation without pressure-loss. The filter is compact and easy to maintain, requiring only manual cleaning when maximum allowable pressure drop is reached. It allows continious operation. For installation into suction or pressure pipework to protect plant components (valves, pumps, pressure gauges, nozzles etc.) preventing accumulation of dirt and sludge

Technical Details

  • Nominal diameter : DN 25 – DN 80 Switch-over cock valve
  • Filter element : Star-pleated element Basket element
  • Grade of filtration : 10 µm – 5 mm
  • Pressure stage : PN 16 / PN 25
  • Filter housing : Nodular cast iron
  • Optional equipment : Differential pressure indicator optical or electrical – Heating

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