Duplex Filter : Type BFD-P

Application Medium : Liquid, Gas

Maximum Capacity :

In Chemical, Petrochemical & Offshore industries these filters can be used for protection of downstream equipments at extreme stresses. The primary
consideration is protecting high-value capital plant from damage caused by system contamination. This requires efficient technical solutions which minimise the capital, operational and maintenance costs. The duplex filter type BFD meets all these requirements optimally by unique flexible concepts for the filtration of water, fuel, lube oil, machining coolants & chemicals.

Technical Details

  • Nominal diameter : DN 200 (further on request)
  • Filter element : Fibreglass/Stainless steel Disposable cartridges* cleanable elements (Star-pleated) made of Stainless steel
  • Grade of filtration : 0.1 – 250 µm (0.5 – 250 µm for Marine application)
  • Pressure stage : > 500 bar (size and temperature dependent)
  • Filter housing : Carbon steel (St 45-8 / A106B) – Stainless steel (1.4404 / 316L)- Non-welded – Duplex and Super Duplex Steel

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