Duplex Filter : Type BFD

Application Medium : Water, Lubricationg Oil, Fuel, Coolants*, Alkalines*

Maximum Capacity : Approx. 160 m3/hr

The Duplex Filter Type BFD allows change-over during operation without pressure-loss. The filter is compact and easy to maintain, requiring only manual cleaning when maximum allowable pressure drop is reached. It allows continious operation.

Technical Details

  • Nominal diameter : DN 25 – DN 150 Switch-over ball valve
  • Filter element : Cleanable star-pleated filter element made of Stainless steel Disposable fibreglass cartridges Filter candles and Basket elements
  • Grade of filtration : 1 µm – 5 mm
  • Pressure stage : PN 16-PN 40 (depending on filter size and material)
  • Filter housing : Nodular cast iron Cast stainless steel Cast steel
  • Optional equipment : Differential pressure indicator optical or electrical – Heating – Cover safety device – Oil pan
    – Cover lifting device from DN 125 (from cover weight > 15 kg) (not in the marine industry)

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