Ferrule Opti-Gard™

Ferrule Opti-Gard™ SoLo (DSC-OFS)

Most technically advanced solution for low pressure aseptic and hygienic applications

Ferrule Opti-Gard™ SoLo is an advanced reverse acting rupture disc, peripherally scored for accurate burst control. It has been designed with a smooth metal, uninterrupted surface finish to ensure its compatibility in CIP and SIP service. Designed for installation between ferrules, tri-clamps and NA-connect®. The Ferrule Opti-Gard™ SoLo is unique in being the only hygienic disc in the industry compatible with Elfab’s non-invasive, ATEX-approved detection system Flo-Tel™. Combining technically advanced rupture disc capability with reusable burst detection makes this an obvious solution for many low pressure aseptic applications.

Ferrule Opti-Gard™ SoLo offers unique benefits

Where a very low burst pressure is required within a sanitary environment, Ferrule Opti-Gard™ SoLo provides the highest performance characteristics available on the market. With a 95% operating ratio and 3% tolerance, the rupture disc combines the most technically overpressure protection in its field with ease and simplicity of installation. Integral to this design as standard is Elfab’s reusable Flo-Tel burst detection system, offering customers across the globe the added benefit of non-invasive identification of a disc burst.

Highest life cycle capability of any aseptic Rupture Disc

Specifically designed for low burst pressures, Ferrule Opti-Gard™ SoLo is a non-fragmenting bursting disc, tested to over 100,000 pressure-vacuum cycles and is suitable for use in liquid, gas or vapour. Manufactured in Stainless Steel as standard with an FDA certified seal, this bursting disc is ideal for a range of applications within the food and beverage sectors, as well as the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Cost savings through minimal rewiring requirements

The Ferrule Opti-Gard™ SoLo includes an integral Flo-Tel™ actuator as standard, offering the added benefit of non-invasive, ATEX approved detection. As the only ATEX, IECEx or XD approved detection system on the market, Flo-Tel offers significant cost savings on rewiring. To ensure correct performance of this pressure relief device, Elfab supplies its tri-clamp system with this product.

Leading the industry in advanced quality standards

Elfab prides itself in offering the highest level of quality and is accredited to a number of leading industry standards. Elfab’s Ferrule Opti-Gard™ SoLo is suitable for installation in BS4825 and ASME – BPE 1997 standards.

• Designed specifically for low burst pressure applications

• Industry best 3% tolerance

• Non-fragmenting design

• Suitable for use with tri-clamps / ferrules / NA-connect*

• Ideal for CIP/ SIP applications

• Supplied with Flo-Tel™ burst detection as standard

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