FN 2415 Single-phase EMC/EMI filter for the control line of equipment



· Filter for the control line of complex equipment and machinery

· Ensures the interference-free operation of the control unit / PLC

· Improves the immunity and reliability of the entire system

· Compact EMC filter design with minimum space requirement

· Attenuation performance: high, very high

· Leakage current: 9.4 mA

· Operating frequency: dc to 60 Hz

· Rated Current: 6 to 16 A

· Voltage: ≤ 250 V

Typical Applications

Ideal for industrial equipment, machinery and diverse process automation systems, which involve any kind of control units (NC, CNC, PLC, Motion Controls). Rather large and complex machine tools, with 8 or even more driving axes and very long motor cables, can be subjected to major reliability problems, caused by internal coupling of in- terferences from the drive system to the control lines. Very often, this causes a drop out of the control unit and consequently downtimes of the entire machine. By operating an FN 2415 in addition to a mains input filter, these negative effects can be eliminated for most situations. FN 2415 can also be used for the most diverse single- phase applications with medium to high interference levels, such as single-phase motor drives or power supplies.

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