FN 3256 Compact three-phase and neutral line EMC/EMI filter for machinery/equipment



· Compact, space-saving design, optimized for industrial machinery

· Combines high attenuation performance with low leakage current

· Performance according to the machine tool standard EN 50370-1

· Increases also the immunity if operated directly on the mains input

· Attenuation performance: high

· Leakage current: < 1 mA

· Operating frequency: dc to 60 Hz

· Rated Current: 8 to 160 A

· Voltage: ≤ 520 V


Typical Applications

Mainly industrial equipment, machinery, machine tools and diverse process automation systems with three-phase and neutral electricity supply. Further, these filters are suitable for power supplies, high power office equipment and further applications, where efficient interference suppression on three phases and the neutral line is required and where space is critical. Because of the very low leakage current, FN 3256 can even be used for some medical devices.

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