FN 3258 Ultra-compact EMC/EMI filter for three-phase systems and motor drive



· New: solid safety connector blocks available for the whole range

· Exceptional attenuation performance from 150kHz to 30MHz

· Excellent saturation resistance up to 50m cable length

· Most compact and slim filter design in its class

· Attenuation performance: high, very high

· Leakage current: 33 mA

· Motor power: 4 to 110 kW

· Operating frequency: dc to 60 Hz

· Rated Current: 7 to 180 A

· Voltage: ≤ 520 V


Typical Applications

· Three-phase variable speed motor drives, servo drives, inverters and converters

· Applications comprising energy conversion devices like machines or process automation equipment, HVAC equipment, elevators, power supplies, UPS and further three-phase applications

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