Graphite (DSC-G2D)

Excellent corrosion resistant graphite rupture disc

Graphite (G2D) is a tension-loaded forward actingcorrosion resistant rupture disc offering a cost effective solution for a wide range of applications. Graphite rupture discs offer superior corrosion resistance making them a suitable solution for highly aggressive chemicals where fragmentation is not an issue.

Precision machined cost-effective solution

The Graphite G2 disc is impregnated for accurate burst control and precision machined, combining a 10% tolerance with an 85% operating to burst pressure ratio. This fragmenting rupture disc design can withstand operating temperatures up to 180°c, meaning it can be used in many environments. With low burst pressure capability this simple graphite rupture disc is a cost effective solution for a range of applications.

Full vacuum capability above 1.7BarG

G2D can withstand full vacuum requiring no additional support if burst pressures are above 1.7barg, ensuring maximum free flow area on burst in many scenarios. Elfab’s graphite discs can be manufactured with either a stainless steel or graphite holder, depending on customers’ applications. G2D has the benefit of providing low pressure capabilities suitable for liquid, gas and vapour. Elfab can manufacture the Graphite disc range to be used in the harshest of conditions, made to fit in a wide range of sizes and flange ratings for customers’ applications with or without an optional add-on of a process side fluoropolymer liner.

G2D compatible with non-invasive detection system, Burst-Tel

G2D can be manufactured with a stainless steel or graphite holder and fitted with Elfab’s simple and effective burst detection system, Burst-Tel upon request. Burst-Tel provides a simple and effective mean of identifying when a rupture disc functions. When the graphite disc bursts, the Burst-Tel is simply replaced along with the rupture disc. The Graphite G2D is available in sizes 25mm to 300mm across a range of burst pressures.

Leading the industry in advanced quality performance Elfab pride themselves in offering the highest level of quality and are accredited to a number of leading industry standards. Elfab’s rupture discs can be manufactured to ISO 4126 or ASME VIII dependent on customers’ requirements.

When used in combination Elfab’s rupture discs and detection systems can offer industry leading SIL ratings to offer customers increased safety information. Please contact our technically trained sales engineers for more information.

• 10% tolerance, up to 85% operating ratio

• Manufactured to ISO4126 or ASME VIII

• Available with protective linings

• Fragmenting disc design

• No vacuum support required above 1.7barg

• Suitable for liquid, gas and vapour applications

• Low pressure capabilities

• Torque sensitive

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