Lift-Gard (VNT-XLG)

The only flat explosion venting panel that combines an integral frame with an ATEX-approved burst detection system in one.

The storage and transportation of bulk materials inherently produces dusty conditions, posing a risk of explosion in pressurised vessels. Elfab’s explosion venting panels are designed to open at pre-determined burst pressures to protect against the severity of these explosions. The specific characteristics and construction of Elfab’s Lift-Gard panel ensures operational excellence even for demanding applications where vibrations or harsh conditions could be a concern.

A low cost, easy-to-install and maintenance-free solution

Designed specifically to protect Vertical Bucket Elevators from potentially harmful explosions, Elfab’s Lift-Gard explosion venting panel is of a robust construction with an integral outer frame, making it a reliable and cost-effective solution that is easy to install.

Lift-Gard’s non-fragmenting design allows full opening of the venting panel in the event of an explosion to ensure maximum safety.

Integral burst detection for instantaneous shut-down

Elfab’s unique ATEX-approved burst detection system, Vent-Tel, is fitted to every Lift-Gard venting panel to signal an explosion within the Vertical Bucket Elevator system and trigger an immediate process shut-down. When connected to an intrinsically safe circuit this ExII 1GD EEx ia IIC detection device ensures a safe and compliant plant that fulfils the demanding regulatory developments within the bulk handling industry. An EC-Type Examination Certificate ITS03 ATEX 11359 is available.

Operating on a simple reed switch and magnet technology, Vent-Tel is designed to offer a practical solution for explosion vent burst detection. The magnet is pulled away from the sensor in the event of a panel burst, giving an open circuit signal. It signals an explosion vent burst and in turn, can trigger an immediate shut-down of the process.

Exceptional in-house process capabilities to meet increasingly stringent Quality requirements.

Elfab’s outstanding On Time Delivery performance ensures that it maintains the highest customer satisfaction levels at all times.

Elfab is unique in having “Protective System” ExII GD approved explosion vents.

  • Integral ATEX-approved Vent-Tel detection device for immediate shut-down ExII 1GD EEx ia IIC
  • EC-Type Examination Certificate ITS03 ATEX 11359
  • Low installation costs
  • Maintenance free
  • Fail-safe explosion
  • Non-fragmenting design
  • Dust tight seal

Explosion protection for every Bucket Elevator application
Lift-Gard is available in a variety of sizes, burst pressures and temperature ranges to suit your specific requirements.

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