LINAX A330 is a paperless recorder of the latest generation. Thanks to its modular concept, it may be adapted to the most varied requirements. LINAX A330 is equipped with a very large 12-inch TFT display permitting it to display e.g. the values of 36 channels at a glance.

Up to 36 analogue input channels are available to users depending on the type of device and design. Additional features are digital inputs and outputs, relay outputs, Ethernet interface, RS485 (Modbus) interface as well as a transmitter power supply.

 The measured variables may be processed by extensive mathematic and logic functions and can control further devices (e.g. alarms with pump disconnection). Apart from the internal memory, external storage media (Smart Media Card or Compact Flash Card) are available resulting in very high recording capacities. Data can be stored, visualised and processed on the PC by the DataManager software. The recorder corresponds to the guidelines in accordance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 thus being equivalent to paper recorders in respect of data safety and legal validity (e.g. in relation to authorities). All data can be stored, visualized and evaluated also on the PC, by using the software DataManager.

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