Mavosys pq analysis

The MAVOSYS 10 opens up entirely new possibilities for monitoring mains quality, power and energy: It’s the first mains analyzer with more than 8 channels, it can be configured in a modular fashion and it provides an ideal, cost-saving solution for all requirements. In combination with an optional ¼ VGA touch-screen, the multiuser web interface from Encore series software and special AnswerModules®, all conceivable analysis wishes are fulfilled.

  • Modular design in various layouts with 4 slots
  • Input modules for 4x voltage, 4x current and 8x digital signals
  • Combinations with up to four virtual analyzers in a single housing
  • Local operation and visualization with an optional ¼ VGA touch-screen
  • Ethernet 10/100 BaseT, RS 232 and RS 485 interfaces included as standard equipment
  • TCP/IP, HTTP, XML and Modbus TCP/RTU communication protocols
  • Optionally available GSM/GPRS and analog modems
  • Time synchronization via optional GPS receiver
  • Internal and external cross-triggering
  • Compliant with all national and international standards for monitoring mains quality (EN, IEC, IEEE, NVE, CREG)
  • Certification in accordance with IEC 61000-4-30, class A
  • 1 GB internal flash memory

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