Sewage Treatment Plant

Application : Marine

Maximum Capacity: From 2300 lit/day to 50000 lit/day

ECOmar is able to treat grey and black water in compliance with international Marine standards and to render it dischargeable directly into the sea without solid residues. The chemical-physical reactions inside disinfect the water and reduce the sediment dimensions so that the water becomes clear and odorless and can be discharged directlyoyerboarcl. At the end of every cycle takesplace an automatic washing of the tank with clear sea water treatment.

ECOmar is built with a central body made in strong polypropylene mounted on a steel chassis.The LCD electronic control panel with microprocessor manages all the functions ofthe system. automaticallyfifery low electricabsorption. No operator requested. The system can work also in emergency mode.

Tecnicomar’s Sewage Water Teatment Systems come with the Certificate of Approval issued by Lloyd’s Register in accordance with the IMO / MARPOL no. MEPC 2 (VI) and the European Directive 96/98/EC (MED).

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