Simplex Filter : Type 1.03

Application Medium : Water, Fuel, Oil, Chemicals

Maximum Capacity : Upto DN300

Simplex filters are the basic model of filter technology. They perform filtration tasks just as reliably as duplex filters or automatic filters. All filter elements with different filter materials can be installed. BOLL simplex filters are used everywhere where process can be stopped at no great inconvenience or cost in order to clean or replace the filter elements.

Technical Details

  • Filter element : Basket element, Ring element, Candle element, Multimantle element
  • Grade of filtration : 10 µm – 5 mm
  • Pressure stage : PN 10
  • Filter housing : Nodular cast iron (EN-GJS-400-18) Optional equipment : Differential pressure indicator optical or electrical
    – internal rubber lining
    – heating

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