For monitoring all aspects of power distribution

The SINEAX DM5000 is a compact instrument to measure and monitor in heavy current grids. It provides a wide range of functionalities which may even be extended by optional components. The connection of the process environment may be performed by communication interfaces, via digital I/Os, analog outputs or relays. The device may be completely adapted to the requirements on site either via webserver or the optional TFT display. A special software is neither needed for configuration nor for data visualization.


  • Direct measurement up to 690V, CATIII
  • Condition monitoring: class 0.1 (U/I), class 0.2% (P/Q/S)
  • Energy consumption analysis, class 0.5S (meters, load profiles, trend analysis)
  • Harmonic analysis acc. IEC 61000-4-7
  • System imbalance monitoring
  • Limit monitoring with alarming
  • Universal process I/O
  • Communication via Ethernet and Modbus/RTU

Ethernet interface 

  • Device parameterization via WEB browser
  • Firmware update
  • Measurement display
  • Remote acquisition of measurements via control system (Modbus/TCP)
  • Service and maintenance

High resolution color TFT display

  • Graphical measurement displays
  • Multi-language operation
  • Full device parameterization

Process I/Os 
In addition to the standard I/Os (1 digital input, 2 digital outputs) up to two I/O extensions can be implemented in the device. You may select from the following extensions:

  • 2 relay outputs
  • 2 analog outputs ±20mA
  • 4 analog outputs ±20mA
  • 4 S0 digital inputs active or passive

Uninterrupted power supply (UPS)
Provides power for five times 3 minutes if power supply fails

Data logger 

  • Periodical data: Load profiles, meter readings
  • Disturbance recorder: Recording of voltage events (acc. PQ standard IEC 61000-4-30)
  • • Events: Logbook of the occurrences of system or self-defined events


  • Documentation CD
  • Current Transformers

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