The SINEAX DM5S is the first device of the new DM5 series of free-programmable universal measurement devices for heavy-current systems: A classical high-accuracy transducer, suited for monitoring tasks and retrofit applications in energy distribution and industry.

The device can be adapted fast and easily to the measurement task by means of the CB-Manager software – even if there is no auxiliary power available. Depending on the device version measured quantities can be mapped proportional to analog DC current outputs or to Modbus.

The measurement is done uninterrupted in all four quadrants and can be adapted optimally to the system to be monitored. Both the average time of the measurement and the expected maximum signal level can be configured.

  • System state monitoring: class 0.2
  • Energy metering: class 0.5S, up to 16 tariffs
  • Remote communication via Modbus
  • Assisted commissioning
  • Configuration without power supply

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