Reduces Installation Maintenance & Time
Elfab’s low cost, portable tool Test-Tel™ is designed to confirm and sense correct disc installation, as well as ensuring the industry’s leading ATEX approved detection system, Flo-Tel  has been correctly wired. Test-Tel is enhancing the “right first time” approach to rupture disc installation as well as reducing costs and downtime associated with plant maintenance schedules.

Saving cost and time 
Simple to use, Test Tel is suitable for intrinsically safe ATEX environments and offers a number of advantages at the rupture disc installation stage. This device ensures a first time approach which saves customers time and the cost of refitting. In terms of checking the status of both the rupture disc and the associated burst detection system, Test-Tel allows for additional checks to take place before starting up the process.

Additionally, for maintenance engineers Test-Tel effectively eliminates costly process downtimeassociated with maintenance schedules as this can be completed without having to shut down the entire process. Elfab’s innovative Test-Tel also allows for fool-proof, non-invasive checking of alarms.
Innovative design within the rupture disc industry

Test-Tel is a first in the rupture disc industry. The device was developed by Elfab to meet its customers’ ever-demanding needs and is a beneficial product in an industry where safety is the foremost concern. Test-Tel prevents wrongly wired detection and rupture disc installation. By reducing those risks, this device could prove invaluable in terms of its contribution to plant safety.

ATEX approved and intrinsically safe

Test-Tel is a safety product and designed to improve fitting and maintenance schedules. It is ATEX approved meaning this device can be used where the presence of explosive atmospheres is probable.

Leading the industry in advanced quality performance
Elfab have a long list of accreditations, quality certificates and approvals and this is testament of the success Elfab have achieved in the global pressure management market for more than 75 years.

  • Low cost portable tool
  • Eliminates the risk of poorly fitted rupture discs
  • Reduces costs and time
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Disc status and Flo-Tel™ check
  • ATEX approved and intrinsically safe

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