Bollfilter Protection Systems

BOLLFILTER Protection Systems is a global operating filter manufacturer and specialist in filtration of liquids and gases. BOLL & KIRCH is certified under ISO 9001/14001 + OHSAS 18001 and approved by the main classification societies. Their application-optimised automatic, duplex and simplex filters are the result of personal research and development and comply with international technical standards. Specialising in filtration technology for shipbuilding and engine-building has made BOLL & KIRCH the world´s leading company in this sector.

As well as quality, work safety and excellence, BOLLFILTER Protection Systems pay great attention to Environmental Managment.

Environmental policy:

Obligation to protect our environment

Strive for improvement

Openly inform

Prevention of damage to the environment and waste

Protection of the environment concerns everybody

With almost 70 years of experience and continuous development of the business, we are convinced that BOLLFILTER makes a sustainable contribution to improve the conditions of life.


To maintain and strengthen our leading position, we operate a large research and development department. Many of our developments are protected by patents and utility models.

By means of customised engineering we supervise all the individual subprocesses of a project – from outlining the requirements to the realisation and operation of the system.

We guarantee product and application related service worldwide and quick and reliable supply with BOLLFILTER GENUINE PARTS.

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