Industrial Supplies

SafeTechnical Supply Co. L.L.C. provides full range of services and products for the following areas:


Municipality and Govt. Organizations

Cement Industry

Steel & Metallurgical Plants

Waste Water Treatment

Power Plants

District Cooling Plants

Desalination Plants

Paper Industry

Petrochemicals & Refinery Industry

Mining Industry

Oil & Gas

Food & Beverage Industry


As skilled procurement service providers, we help our Global Utility and industry customers to Improve their internal procurement process, productivity, Reliability and efficiency. With our assistance and without the need of an internal procurement department, we help this companies reduce costs for industrial supplies and services and employ the best industrial practices – all without taking on the risks and assets required to achieve such results.


Our capabilities, broad know-how and state of the art  facilities, combined  with  a unique portfolio  of Leading Brands as our Strategic Partners, make us a reputable Procurement Service Provider.

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