In-Situ / Portable Machine Tools

In-Situ / Portable Machine Tools

SAFE TECHNICAL SUPPLY COMPANY LLC is an Engineering company offering various In-Situ Portable machine tools and In-Situ machining services while representing some of the world renowned companies across the globe. Having its presence for over three decades in the Industry, Safetech has built strong relationships with reliable partners in all fields of activities. With their support, we offer hundreds of varieties of metal machine tools, ranging in size from small machines mounted on workbenches to huge production machines weighing several hundred tons. Some of these Portable Machine tools include: Portable mills, Pipe cutters, Portable drills, Tube expanders, Tube end facers, Portable line boring machines,  and so on.

Some of our most important benefits include: A qualified and experienced team, wide range of product portfolio, assistance from partners all over the world, constant improvement and continuous development of various machine tools.

Simultaneously with increasing our global market share, we constantly strive to expand our product portfolio and provide standard and customized solutions for the Power, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Marine and other industrial sectors. To help constantly improve our products and services, we have a qualified and experienced team of Engineers all over the world. Safetech also offers customized Engineering solutions for major global EPC Contractors, private companies and heavy fabrication industries for their projects.

In-Situ / Portable Machine Tools Partners

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