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As the demand for efficient filtration and separation services grows, SafeTechnical provides globally available solutions and technologies with years of experience to satisfied customers.

As a cost effective, innovative, faster and safer option, SafeTechnical offers various In-Situ, as well as Portable Machine Tools and Services for your broken equipment, no matter the damage.

As an important environmental process and problem globally, everyone can help improve the quality of wastewater, you just need the right company to help you with the process. 

For divisions like Power, Energy, Oil and Gas, Marine, and more, SafeTechnical offers various products, used for different applications such as Voltage, Power, Power Factor and other.

SafeTechnical provides industrial supplies for different areas, like: the Paper Industry, Food & Beverage Industry, Oil & Gas, Mining Industry, Power Plants, Cement Industry and many more.

As we all know, a pipe leak can be a costly and sometimes dangerous problem. No matter if the problem is at your home or a business, when a pipe leak occurs, you will want to get it fixed as soon as possible.


Whether it’s a small business or big, your company needs to acquire new equipment constantly. Because buying new equipment can cost a lot, Rental Services are the perfect solution.

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