Since 1986, InduMar Products (short for Industrial Marine) has provided innovative solutions for pipe repairinfrastructure rehabilitation, and corrosion control. The Stop It® line of pipe repair products provide superior leak sealing capabilities for the most common pipe leak problems. Also, the Custom Repair Systems combine proprietary resins with speciality products to resolve more extreme problems. Viscotaq’s unique corrosion control properties top off the list of products that help us stand out in the market.

Indumar expertise application lies across many industries:

  • Refinery/petrochemical
  • Offshore oil and gas production
  • Commercial marine & Offshore
  • Mining power
  • Pulp & Paper

With a combined experience of nearly 200 years in these markets, Indumar has solved a wide variety of fluid processing challenges dealing with pipe leaks or corrosion – and continuously developing new cost-effective solutions for these challenges.

The solutions Indumar offers include a variety of composite, mechanical and visco-elastic products that have been developed based on decades of expertise in leak sealing, pipe remediation and corrosion control.

They’re solutions designed for use where lines cannot be shut down, have large diameters and outlets, operate in high or severely fluctuating pressure, have exceptional line content, are non-standard pipe sizes or have contours, and have other unusual parameters that require attention.

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