Air Powered Boiler tube panel cutting Saw

Quick set-up and fast straight cuts with no HAZ are what MILLHOG® Air Powered Saw Kits are all about and this kit is equipped to do it well during water tube boiler outages when replacing tube panels. The APS-200A Air Powered Saw Kit includes all that’s needed to cut boiler tube water wall panels. Its five foot Track is easily mounted and relocated along the cut line with the three reusable Weld Tabs. The 3/4″ air hose is equipped with a heavy duty filter and oiler that deliver plenty of air flow, protection from contaminants and lubrication for the powerful 3hp motor. Equipped with a 12” Cut-Off Blade it provides a maximum depth of cut of 4.375in and requires 13.5in clearance. Please check out the available accessories that help save time and provide accurate boiler tube membrane removal, high speed beveling of tube ends and pipe cutting from 6in to 60in.


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