Automatic Filter : Type 6.18

Application Medium : Water

Maximum Capacity : 9000 m3/hr

The economic operation of modern factories, in which large volumes of cooling water in open or closed cooling circuits, process water and waste-water are used, places the highest requirements on the filtration process. We have numerous references for Type 6.18 filters for Land based Industries, Onshore and Offshore platforms. he BOLL Automatic Filter SELFCLEAN types 6.18 and 6.19 fulfill these requirements in optimum fashion. With their unique bipolar mode of functioning in filter and backflush modes, they set the process quality and performance
standards in the field of water filtration.

Technical Details

  • Nominal diameter : DN 50 – DN 1000
  • Flushing Cycle Duration : 20 sec
  • Filter element : Wedge wire, Longitudinal wedge wire candle or Wire-mesh candle with smooth surface
  • Grade of filtration : 30 µm – 5 mm (depending on the size of the filter)
  • Backflushing medium : Internal medium Pressure stage : PN 10 and PN 16 (higher pressure stages available on request)
  • Filter housing : Nodular cast iron, Carbon steel, Carbon steel rubber lined, Stainless steel, Super Duplex
  • Grade of filtration : 30 µm – 5 mm (depending on the size of the filter)
  • Features : Cylindrical elements open at both ends (bipolar functional principle)

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