Automatic Filter : Type 6.46

Application Medium : Lubricating Oil

Maximum Capacity : 180 m3/hr

Boll Filters consistently remove dirt particles from contaminated liquid and recycle cleaned liquid back into the process. They help to ensure the plant’s operationalsafety continuously over a long period. This saves resources, protects the environment and reduces costs. Boll Filters are the best insurance for the product and the process.

The economic operation of small and medium-sized diesel engines and generators with heavy oil over a long period makes increased demands on the cleaning of lubricating oil. The quality of filtration of the lubricating oil is one of the factors determining its useful life, smooth engine operation and hence also the level of operating costs.The
filters used for this purpose must

  • have a precision that will guarantee a specific degree of cleanliness of the circulating lubricating oil,
  • have a reliability that will ensure uninterrupted and trouble-free engine running during operation over a long period even in the case of variable engine and lubricating oil conditions,
  • prolong the life of the engine, by protecting engine bearings and reducing wear on bearings,
  • help to keep operating costs low, being maintenancefree, with long service lives,
  • reduce the costs of the consumable materials used up to now,
  • be more economical than double filters with paper cartridges.

Technical Details

  • Nominal diameter : DN 50 – DN 250
  • Filter element : Wire-mesh candles
  • Grade of filtration : 25 µm abs. and 48 µm abs.
  • Pressure stage : PN 10
  • Filter housing : Nodular cast iron

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