FN 3120 High-end EMC/EMI filter for conventional and regenerative drives



· High performance filter for extremely noisy applications

· Ideal for the latest regenerative drives (with additional line-impedance)

· Significantly improves the reliability and immunity of installations

· Enables compliance with class B limits even with very long cables

· Attenuation performance: very high

· Leakage current: 97.9 mA

· Motor power: 15 to 132 kW

· Operating frequency: dc to 60 Hz

· Rated Current: 25 to 230 A

· Voltage: ≤ 520 V


Typical Applications

Mainly industrial equipment, machinery and machine tools such as printing machines, packaging machines, extruders, wood work- ing machines, milling and drilling machines, laser cutting machines, welding machines, robotics, conveyors, assembly lines, pumps, oil production, chemical and mining industry, etc. The filters are ideal for most motor drive applications and particularly for regenerative drives.

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