Whether a new unit or a retube, the ability to perform a true hydro-test up to 2000 PSI or 140 Bar on an individual tube or tube-joint can be a valuable step in verifying an expansion or weld procedure.

HydroProof fixtures come in two primary configurations, the Joint Test Fixture and the Full Tube Fixtures.

The Joint Test Fixture is designed to seal against the tubesheet face, around the OD of the tube, and the ID of the tube.  This allows for a low volume, high pressure hydro-test to be performed on an individual tube-to-tubesheet joint quickly and reliably.

The Full Tube Test Fixtures consist of two assemblies, one for each end of the tube.  The fixtures seal on the ID of the tube at each end, then the tube is filled with water to test the integrity across its entire length.  This process is especially efficient when hydrotesting a u-tube and is much faster than performing a full hydro on an exchanger.

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