Milli-Gard (DSC-MIL)

Milli-Gard (DSC-MIL) Ultra low pressure reverse acting disc

Ultra low pressure reverse acting rupture disc for gas or vapour applications

Milli-Gard is a technically advanced ultra-lowpressure reverse acting rupture disc ideal for a wide range of customer applications and process conditions in aid of relief of vacuum or over pressure situations. It’s available in a vast range of sizes, materials, and burst pressures to suit varying process conditions.

Lowest reverse acting burst pressure capability on the market

Milli-Gard is designed for ultra-low burst pressure requirements and benefits from the lowest reverse acting burst pressure capability on the market, at 3 mbarg. With these industry leading burst pressure ranges, this bursting disc is ideal for a vast range of applications ranging from 0.07 psig to 7.25psig.

Single Design for positive pressure or vacuum protection

With its composite construction, Milli-Gard benefits from a 25% tolerance with a 60% operating to burst pressure ratio, resulting in accurate burst control even under the lowest of burst pressures and vacuums. Unlike other manufacturers’ designs, Milli-Gard is a one disc solution for positive pressure or vacuum protection dependent on application and method of installation. Milli-Gard offers non-fragmenting opening and can be offered to meet a broad range of non-standard specifications and applications.

Cutting costs on rewiring Milli-Gard is installed into Elfab’s reverse-acting, raised face rupture disc holder and fitted with the Flo-Tel™ actuator as standard.

This allows customers use of Elfab’s unique, reusable, non-invasive burst detection system Flo-Tel™ . As Flo-Tel is non-invasive to the process it offers accurate functionality even with the lowest of the burst pressure range. As the only reusable detection system on the market, Flo-Tel has been offering significant cost savings to customers for almost 20 years. Elfab’s rupture disc holders are available in a wide range of materials and can be manufactured to fit a multitude of industry standard flange specifications.

Leading the industry in advanced quality performance Elfab pride themselves in offering the highest level of quality and are accredited to a number of leading industry standards. Elfab’s rupture discs can be manufactured to ISO 4126 or ASME VIII dependent on customers’ requirements.

When used in combination Elfab’s rupture discs and detection systems can offer industry leading SIL ratings to offer customers increased safety information. Please contact our technically trained sales engineers for more information.

• For ultra low burst pressures

• 25% tolerance, up to 60% operating ratio

• Manufactured to ISO4126 or ASME VIII

• Good life cycle

• Non-fragmenting bursting disc design

• Suitable for gas and vapour applications

• Compatible with reusable detection systems Flo-Tel™ and Flo-Tel™ XD

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