If you’re confused by the terms “In-Situ”, “On-Site” or “In Place”, often used on our web-site, don’t worry, here is all that you need to know!


  •  In situ is a Latin phrase that translates literally to “on site” or “in position”. It means “locally”, “on site”, “on the premises” or “in place” to describe an event where it takes place, and is used in many different contexts.

When a damaged machine is too big to be carried out, or it involves too much work to be deconstructed, In-Situ Machinery it’s the way to go.

“In-Situ” Machining describes a situation where the service it’s done without having to strip out and take the machinery to a repair facility. This kind of service it’s quite convenient when the equipment that needs to be repaired it’s big, because there is no need of stripping it down or rotating it. In situ techniques are often more labour-intensive, and take longer, but the materials are cheaper, and the work is versatile and adaptable. The good thing is that this process can be used and implemented in any areas and any industry at any time. This saves a lot of time and money in most cases.

Cracked parts can be repaired on the spot by dismantling only the required area. On large components with heavy engineering needs, where downtime is costly and dismantling the piece to be machined may be complicated, In-Situ Machining Techniques are life-savers.

In order to help our customers do their job faster, safer and without any unwanted interruptions, we bring the most cost-effective, innovative and high-quality solutions through in-situ machining.

Thanks to in-situ machining, there is no need to arrange a save transport of a damaged machine to a workshop. With only one call, you can fix your problem and continue with your daily activities. The workshop is taken to the client and not the other way around.

In-Situ Machining: What does it mean?

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