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The ESCO Tool Company was founded in 1954 and developed the first portable end prep tool for the Trident Nuclear Submarine program. Those early tools clamped to the tube O.D. and machined precision end preps on nozzles that were attached to a vessel. Back then, there was no other way to do the job. After this early success, other uses were found for these innovative tools and they became the best way to end prep high temperature and pressure boiler tubes.It became apparent, however, that O.D. clamping limited the usefulness of those early generation tools for boiler work. Always solutions-oriented, ESCO developed the first narrow body I.D. clamping tool in the 1970s to satisfy the needs of the boiler industry. The tool was well received in the boiler fabrication, maintenance, and metalworking industries and ESCO has been innovating consistently since that time. Working closely with end-users on the toughest tube and pipe cutting and welding end prep challenges has allowed us to invent and manufacture high-quality tools that work efficiently, get the job done fast, and require no special operator training. ESCO Tool has a long heritage of innovation. Today, our MILLHOG® Tools are boilermaker tough and field proved! We design and build robust gear drives and housings, select the best components available in the world, incorporate self-centering draw rod assemblies that rigidly mount to the tube or pipe I.D., and feature the EscoLockTM wedge-style blade lock system with TiN (titanium nitride) coated cutter blades that direct heat away from the tube or pipe surface. Providing torque-free operation, these tools pull a continuous thick chip without cutting fluids.

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