Horizontal FRP Filter

Application Medium : Water

Maximum Capacity : Approx. 1025 m3/hr

The Forsta Horizontal 180 Series Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Series filters offer an ideal solution for corrosion resistance in brackish, brine and seawater filtration applications. All wetted components of the FRP Series self-cleaning filters are constructed from seawater- resistant plastic or other high alloy materials.

A two-stage screening process distinguishes the FRP Series filters. A coarse screen is responsible for straining out large debris from the water source, and the fine screen purifies water to the designated micron rating.

Flush cycle duration : 6 – 12 seconds
Flush valve size : Single 1″ or a single 2″
Screen opening : 5µ – 4000µ
Temperature : 100 ºC
Flush Volume : 8- 120 Litres per backwash
Working pressure : 2.4- 10 Bar

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