Zero Series Filter

Application Medium : Water

Maximum Capacity : Approx. 5500 m3/hr

The Zero Series offers a unique configuration of automatic self-cleaning water filters.

Zero Series automatic water filters have a straight flange configuration to accommodate simple installation. The Zero Series filter will integrate with any straight pipeline.

Zero Series irrigation and industrial water filters are distinguished by a two-stage screening process. Each water filtration contains a coarse screen and a fine screen. The coarse screen is responsible for straining out large debris from a water source. The fine screen purifies water to its designated quality.

Flush cycle duration: 6 – 12 seconds
Flush valve size: single 1″” or a single 2″”
Screen opening : 5µ – 4000µ
Temperature : 100 ºC
Flush Volume: 8 – 120 Litres per backwash
Working pressure: 2.4- 10 Bar

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