Hydraulic Expansion Tools

HydroPro Hydraulic Expansion Technology works by hydro-forming the tube from the inside out. Using water ensures the tube intimately forms to the tubesheet hole, regardless of ovality or variances between holes.

HydroPro’s Standard Tooling offers the ability to expand tubes at extremely high pressures up to 72000 PSI, across a huge range of sizes. To date HydroPro has manufactured tooling for applications having a 4mm ID up to a 203mm ID.

HydroPro’s patented dual cam and segment design ensures repeatable, high pressure expansion making the HydroPro Standard Tooling ideal for most tube-to-tubesheet joint applications. Regardless of tube material, tube size, or tubesheet thickness.

The most trusted hydraulic expansion tooling in the world, HydroPro Standard Tooling is used in fabricating process equipment for the world’s top chemical, gas, nuclear, military, and power generation industries.

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