Forsta Filters

Forsta Filters provide efficient, reliable and sustainable solutions to industrial, irrigation and municipal applications. Forsta offers automatic self-cleaning filters in a wide range of sizes, orientations, and to varying degrees of filtration in order to accommodate any demand. Custom design solutions are available for unique applications. A Forsta automatic self-cleaning water filter will save time, water, and money.

Industries & Applications

A wide variety of established major industries utilize Forsta self-cleaning water filters. Forsta automatic water filters are also applicable in emerging green and blue industries (e.g. Aquaculture). Forsta self-cleaning filters automate suspended particle removal in a wide range of jobs and have been described as sprinkler system filters, drip irrigation filters, industrial water purifiers, lake water pump filters, cooling tower filters and more.

When it comes to water filtration, Forsta is first in its class. Their automatic self-cleaning water filters are low-maintenance and ensure continuous operation to your water system throughout each cleaning cycle. Forsta’s design and applications engineers work closely with you in the filter selection process clear through to the installation and startup of your filter. Forsta is proud to offer precision-engineered equipment with robust component design and with sustainability benefits in energy, water and material. Forsta stands by a commitment to thorough and ongoing customer service. A price quote is always free and requires no obligation.

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